Statement of Responsible AI Use


At Design Huddle, we are committed to the responsible use of AI through third party AI Software Providers for graphic design, photo, and video production. We recognize the profound impact AI technologies have on our industry, our clients, and society at large. This statement outlines our commitment to the responsible use of AI.

Specifically, this Statement of Responsible AI will address:

  • Ethical Principles and Transparency
  • Privacy and Data Protection
  • Respect for Intellectual Property
  • Continuous Learning and Improvement
  • Collaboration and Engagement
  • Accountability

Ethical Principles and Transparency

Transparency is key to fostering trust in AI-generated content. We make it clear in our products when AI is being used to help distinguish between human and AI-generated creations, enabling informed choice and responsible use. Users of AI products should have more transparency and control around how AI is used.

Privacy and Data Protection

We take privacy and data protection seriously and want to make sure you understand what happens when you process media content with a third-party AI Software Provider. To provide you with these AI enhanced services, you are agreeing that the third-party AI provider will obtain a copy of the processed media content. Depending on which provider you choose, they may use the images and videos you process to improve their functionality, support their development, and for other related purposes. If you choose a provider that is not explicitly guaranteed to abide to strict data privacy policies, you are agreeing that they may utilize the processed media content in these ways.

Respect for Intellectual Property

We make an effort to utilize third-party AI providers that include safeguards to ensure that the content created or modified excludes illegal content and does not infringe on the rights of third parties.

Continuous Learning and Improvement

The field of AI is rapidly evolving, and we are committed to staying informed about the latest developments, ethical considerations, and best practices. This includes ongoing education for our team members and a commitment to adjusting our policies and practices in light of new information and standards in responsible AI use.

Collaboration and Engagement

We believe in the importance of collaborating with other organizations, industry groups, and regulatory bodies to promote the responsible use of AI. We are open to dialogue with stakeholders, including clients, consumers, and civil society organizations, to understand and address concerns related to AI.


Design Huddle is committed to upholding high standards of responsibility and ethics in the use of AI-driven content. Understanding the significance of accountability in the deployment of AI technologies, we strive to partner with third-party AI providers that demonstrate a commitment to taking responsibility for their tools and outputs. In doing so, we contribute to fostering a technology ecosystem that prioritizes responsibility at every level of AI application.

In conclusion, Design Huddle's use of third-party AI providers is guided by a commitment to ethical practices, respect for privacy, and a dedication to creating high-quality, accurate content. We believe that responsible AI use is essential to our success and to the advancement of our industry as a whole.