White Label Graphic Design Editor & Templating Software

Create Design Templates for User Customization or Creative Automation

Use the branded Portal out-of-the-box or embed it within your site or platform for a custom user experience.

Editor Embedded Into Your Website

Graphic Design Templating for

Ensure Design Integrity by Creating Lockable Templates

Maintain brand and design integrity by creating templates for social media, ads, digital signage, and more. Templates can be created using the drag and drop Editor, or existing designs can be converted from PDF into editable templates.

  • Configure locking on any design, media, or text element.
  • Designate boundaries & create placeholders for users to fill in logos, text, and images.
  • Create multiple design sizes or quickly resize templates.

Maximize Design Efforts With Creative Automation

  • Generate Designs in Real-time
  • Preview Multiple Designs At Once
  • Flexible API for Easy Integration

Scale content creation by programmatically populating design templates with text, images, graphics, and colors. Generate multiple design template previews in real-time and optionally allow users to make additional edits.

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Boost User Engagement With an Intuitive Editing Experience

Empower your users to create beautiful designs with an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop Editor packed with powerful editing capabilities to keep them coming back for more. With Design Huddle, users can:

  • Access available brand assets and stock media from the world’s largest commercial free providers.
  • Enhance photos with built in filters, background removal, crop, resize, and mask images into any shape.
  • Share final projects with others or post to social media.

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Custom Design Integrations

White-Labeled & Embeddable

Leverage a branded design editor with your logos, colors, and domain. Or embed within your site or platform for public access or via SSO.

Review. Approve.

Ensure projects meet brand & design guidelines with the review & approval tool. Once approved, users can export or share directly to social media.

Manage Teams and Users

Manage teams and user access with robust and flexible user-based permissions to ensure appropriate visibility and capabilities.

Create Graphic Design Templates from PDF

Convert existing PDF design files into easy-to-edit graphic design templates with locking, while maintaining formatting and quality.

Import & Export Animated GIFs

Transform any design into an animated GIF within the Editor by configuring looping, frame-rate, and quality.

Multi-Brand Level Support

Manage, assign, and distribute brand approved photos, logos, fonts and color palettes for multiple brands in one interface.

Create Graphic Design Templates for Your Users.