Advanced AI Tools Curated for Your Business

Streamline & Simplify Content for Your Users with Generative AI

Scale Content Creation with Advanced AI Features

Guarantee Project Quality with Image Upscaling

Transform low-resolution images seamlessly using the Design Huddle platform. Our generative AI-based Image Upscaling tool detects and alerts you and your users to resolution issues and resolves them instantly. Save time and guarantee top-notch results effortlessly.

Bring Ideas to Life with Text-to-Image Generation

You and your users can easily generate new media using our Text-to-Image tool. Simply input a prompt, select a style, and choose from the generated images. Customize as needed and add the final image to your canvas.

Quickly Create New Versions With Image Alteration

Generative AI-based Image Alteration allows you and your users to modify any image in your library, AI-generated image, or image pulled in from a stock gallery (such as Unsplash+). You simply highlight or describe the area in the image you want to change and type in your prompt. Need to change the product color or the background scene? Consider it done.

Transform Images & Videos with Background Removal

Effortlessly remove backgrounds from both images and videos using our AI-powered tool. Whether creating clean product shots, isolating subjects for marketing materials, or crafting professional-looking video clips for promotions or social media, this feature saves time and elevates visual impact across any project.