Plans & Pricing

The pricing structure of Design Huddle is designed to be flexible and scalable, accommodating a variety of use cases and providing cost benefits as your user base grows. For more information or a customized quote, contact Sales.

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All-In-One Templating Platform
Two Media Types Three Media Types All Media Types
First-Class Support
Techical Support
Dedicated Account Management
Dedicated Onboarding Specialist
Powerful, Easy to Use UI

White Label, Embeddable Editor

Brand the Editor with your colors, logos, and domain.

Custom Branded Domain
Mobile Web-friendly Editor
Rest API for Third Party Integrations
Templating Fundamentals
Unlimited Template Creation
Import Design Templates from PDF
Granular Locking Capabilities

Multi-Page Digital & Print Projects

Multi-page projects are limited to 10 (Starter), 20 (Pro), or 30 (Enterprise) pages.

Transitions & Animations

Photo & Video Editing Tools

Including photo filters, cropping, trimming, and masking photos & videos into shapes.

AI Tools

Monthly AI Credit packages available for image/video background removal, image generation, upscaling, etc. See FAQ for more information.

Manage Teams & Brands
Multi-Brand Support
Assign Templates to Users & Brands
Project Review & Approvals
Custom User Roles & Permissions
Multi-Level Team & User Management

Single Sign-On

“Portal Login via an Identity Provider (Okta, Auth0, etc). Integrations using Design Huddle generated access tokens are treated separately.”

Media Libraries & Integrations
Asset Management
Free Stock Media (Images, Icons)

Custom Media Integrations

Ability to integrate additional private or licensed media galleries for accessibility within the Editor.

Automation & Custom Integrations
Creative Automation
Custom Form Editing
Advanced Features
Custom Shape Canvas
Product Image Background
Animated GIFs
Lottie Animation Import
Transparent Video
Slides with Embedded Videos
Slide Presentation Analytics
Branded Presentation Portal Domain
Variable Data Printing
Custom Print ICC Profile
Metadata Mapping on PDF Import

Increased Asset Size Limits

Size and dimension limits apply to project and media assets for import/export to maintain platform performance. Enterprise customers qualify for higher limits for their unique projects.


What does it cost to add more users? Are there price differences between user types?

The cost of adding more users depends on the number of additional users and user type. There are various user types, ranging from Administrators to end users, and the pricing varies across them. The cost per user decreases as your user count increases.

Our user-based pricing is designed to be flexible, catering to different use cases across businesses and industries. To determine the best solution and pricing for your specific needs, we recommend reaching out to our sales team. They will be more than happy to discuss your business requirements and help you find the most suitable pricing option.

What are the additional usage charges associated with video?

There are two additional video-related charges:

Storage for Videos:

The contract includes a specific amount of video storage, and any usage beyond that is subject to an overage fee of $0.50 per gigabyte. Bundles of video storage are included at a discounted rate upfront.

Render Minutes:

The cost of render minutes is based on the length of the output video. If you render the video again after making changes, you will be charged for the additional render time. The overage cost for render minutes is $0.05 per minute for most cases. Bundles of render minutes are included at a discounted rate upfront.

For all non-video file types, storage is unlimited and included in the contract without any additional charges.

What are AI Credits and how do they work?

If you wish to include AI Tools in your license agreement, a pre-determined amount of AI Credits can be bundled with other usage each month. Different AI functions (e.g. background removal, image generation, upscaling, etc.) use varying amounts of credits.

AI Credits are renewed monthly and any unused credits will not roll over to the next month. Talk to Sales for more information.

Are there other additional usage fees?

In addition to the user overage fees, there is an overage fee associated with the Image Background Removal feature. With your contract, you may receive a monthly allotment of image background removals. If you exceed the amount given there will be an additional $0.04 charge per background removal.

Is there an API activity-based pricing option instead of user-based pricing?

Yes, there is an alternative pricing option available for certain business types and use cases that charge on an API activity basis, e.g. auto-populated videos & images or Variable Data Printing exports, rather than on a per-user basis.

What does the one-time Onboarding fee include?

The one-time Onboardingfee ensures a smooth setup process and equips you with the necessary knowledge to use Design Huddle efficiently, it includes:

Dedicated Onboarding & Training Specialist:

You'll have a dedicated team member to assist you throughout onboarding. They will help you set up your environment (customize the portal, logos, and colors to align with your branding), validate templates that are configured correctly, and check in post-launch to ensure your success.

Training Sessions:

You'll receive two one-hour training sessions that cover how to use the platform effectively. These sessions will include guidance on importing PDF designs, adding placeholders to templates, configuring locking, and more.

Technical Integration:

If a technical integration is necessary, you will also be assigned a Solutions Architect who will meet with you to create a Custom Integration Document tailored to your requirements. This document provides step-by-step instructions and details such as API endpoints, authentication methods, and all other technical requirements for your development team. Our team will work alongside you in this phase to ensure a successful integration.

Are there discounts available?

There are discounts available for startups and non-profit organizations, please contact sales to get a custom quote.

Does Design Huddle have limits on asset sizes and dimensions?

Yes, Design Huddle has default limits for asset dimensions and upload sizes to ensure optimum platform performance. Most defaults can be adjusted to accommodate specific needs like large-format prints, multi-page documents, or longer video lengths. File type availability, maximum dimensions, and upload sizes vary based on your account type and subscription tier.