Build a Custom Editing Experience with the Developer Toolkit

Simple enough for users, flexible enough for developers.

Programmatically Populate Design and Video Templates

Leverage the API or Javascript SDK to automate digital, print, and video template population. Optionally provide real-time template previews to your users that they can further customize within the Editor.

Integrate Design Huddle Into Any Site or Platform

The Developer Toolkit provides developers the flexibility to integrate into any site or platform. Providing your users with a seamless experience and keeping them in your ecosystem.

Customize the User Interface

Create a unique editing workflow for your users by rebuilding the user interface with the Javascript SDK.

  • Recreate default menus

  • Update styles

  • Apply your brand colors

Leverage External Media

Add custom photo, graphic, and video galleries as media sources directly within the Editor. Connect any API or iframe with context specific filtering support. Or inject images displayed outside the Editor using the Javascript SDK.